Gala Day - Special Event


We are very excited to announce this special event - SheKicks Gala Day. We are giving our girls an opportunity to put their skills to the test and play matches against other teams and Academies. 

DATE: Sunday 27th March

VENUE: Centennial Park - Lachlan Reserve - Corner of Parkes Drive & Dickens Drive - Our usual location

TIMES: 5 & 6 yrs @ 1pm, 7 & 8 yrs @ 2pm, 9+ yrs @ 3pm

This event is FREE - Please fill out the registration form below and we look forward to seeing you there!!!



Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!


  1. All Teams under 9 years old will play 5-a-side: 4 outfield players and 1 Goalkeeper.

  2. All Teams over 9 years old will play 6-a-side: 5 outfield players and 1 Goalkeeper.   



  1. Matches will consist of two 20 minute halves with a 2 min half time.


  1. Keeper can play as an outfield player but is the only person allowed to use his hands.

  2. When the ball is kicked out of play, kick ins will be used for throws and corners.

  3. Standard rules apply for free kicks and penalty kicks.

  4. A goal cannot be scored directly from a sideline kick in.

  5. All free kicks are indirect.  Referee must enforce the 5m rule.

  6. No Heading. If a header in the box occurs, if the shot is on target it's a penalty but if it's going wide then it's a kick in.

  7. No Slide Tackling.

  8. Goalkeeper can throw, roll or kick the ball into play, but may not kick the ball directly from hands.

  9. For U6’s - U9’s the referee should allow teams to play out from the back by retreating the opposition team to the halfway line.

  10. Match referee will determine the difference between free kick and penalty. There will be no actual markings for a penalty area.

  11. Substitutions are unlimited during the game, but can only be made when there is a natural break in play, and by attracting the referee’s attention. Outgoing substitutes must leave the field of play before the replacement enters the playing area. The goalkeeper can only be swapped at halftime, except in the case of injury.


  1. Players should wear moulded studs, but can wear sneakers / trainers

  2. Boots with metal studs or screw-ins are not permitted on any surface.



  1. Shin Guards must be worn by all players during the game. Players cannot participate in the match without wearing shin pads.



  1. Players should not wear any jewellery or watches/fitness trackers.

  2. Please do not wear these items to the matches to reduce the risk of them getting lost at the pitch. We are not responsible for lost items.



  1. All games to be played unless adverse weather conditions make the fields unplayable and / or the council close the pitches. 


  1. U6’s-U9’s will play with Size 3 Balls

  2. U10’s-U12’s will play with Size 4 Balls



All players must comply with the following:

  1. play by the rules of the game and display good sportsmanship towards all players.

  2. play as part of a team, to support and encourage team-mates to play fairly and enjoy the game. 

  3. never argue with an official. 

  4. thank the opposition and officials at the end of the game.

  5. treat all players in the sport with respect and politeness, and not to bully or take unfair advantage of others.


All Parent & Spectators must comply with the following:

  1. support your team manager and let them be the lead voice for offering instruction and feedback to the kids, it’s hard for the kids to listen to multiple voices and instructions during a match. 

  2. not to harass players, managers, officials or other spectators. 

  3. encourage the children to play within the rules and respect officials’ and coaches’ decisions – no matter what.

  4. encourage the children to respect the efforts of their opponents. 

  5. to focus on the children’s efforts and performance – not the score. 

  6. coaches/managers must not enter the field of play unless permitted by the referee.

  7. all parents/spectators must be outside the pitch perimeter.